Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Just a quick recap... I am going to keep this post at the top for a few days. If we get 15+ comments, I will do a drawing and the number chosen that corresponds to the commenter number will win a $15.00 gift card from Target. (Closes on Sunday)

I just deleted my e-mail address on here due to a nasty invite from someone. Thanks, but I am happily married and LOVE my husband. You can take your offer elsewhere.

Angie... Thanks, I have been reading all your previous posts on your blog. Looking at the awesome photos of your home and getting some ideas. I did a search on the color too and really like it. Jocasta and Laura I will be doing some research tomorrow on your color choice.

Thanks everyone and keep the comments coming!


Jamie said...

I found your blog on Shauna's design blog. I just wanted to say that we too are in the process of putting in new flooring and considered wood over laminate but the laminate won out over the wood due to easier upkeep, affordability and that it would last longer due to our dogs being all over the place. I hope that help out a little bit.

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

Remodeling is such a pain, but when its all done its worth the hassle. Good luck!

Will Piper said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Will Piper said...

Hey Laurie-
I ended up deleting my first comment as my buddy Gracie began to slide down my chest as I wrote... ah, the joy of twins :). While remodeling can be a pain, creating a new space for your family is such a special experience. It is that same feeling that compels us, against logical reason perhaps, to reinstall the carpet in the basement (for the third time) tomorrow. Hope your remodeling fairs better than the Pipers' Basement Saga.

Cheers from your fellow CC Sabathia fans,
Will, Jeni, Hope, Gracie and Maggie

MamaGeek said...

That is a GRAND idea! I love me some Targhetto! And I feel you on the house remodel - it's so inconvient it but worth it in the end.

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