Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thank you Arizona!

I want to thank Arizona for pointing out a website that one can go to and check out if forwarded e-mails like the one I received are based on fact. I apologize if anyone read the letter that this soldier wrote and was as upset about Senator Obama’s treatment to the troops as I was. I am going to leave the post up and do some research on his trip to the Middle East. I am hoping that I find that Senator Obama did not treat the troops in the manner that was described.
Again I was in no way trying to put Obama down. This is a big year for Americans as we vote for our next President. I will remind everyone that what we see in the media often has a spin on it and is not always the way it is.
I still am undecided on who I will vote for. I hope to watch the tube as we get closer and find out more about both candidates. I will also be having a talk with my brother in law.
Again I am sorry that it seems like this was an e-mail that was sent out not based on fact.

I still hope that all of you will read the lone survivor.

1 comment:

Jaime said...

I actually got that email, too, and wondered if it was true.

I was looking for an email for you, also. I have wanted to respond to your comments a few times, but don't see an email. If you don't want to give it out, that's fine. Email me if you're interested.

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