Saturday, July 12, 2008

10 things

10 things I can’t live without~
Laura tagged everyone. I thought this would be fun so I am going to give it a shot:

1. Diet Coke! I do not drink coffee and so this is my caffeine boost. I drink a great deal of it, too much in fact. In my opinion the best Diet Coke is a fountain Diet Coke from McDonald’s!

2. Paper towels. I know that this is not a great thing to confess to with the environment, but I am a paper towel junkie. I have difficulty when shopping and not picking up a roll. I often do not pass them up. My favorite is the Scott paper towels.

3. Toothbrushes. There is nothing worse to me than feeling the slime on teeth

4. My freedom! I would not survive in countries where I am told what to wear, eat, and think, how to act, or what God I am to pray to other than the God I pray to now. THANK YOU ALL USA MILITARY for keeping us FREE

5. Panera Bread Cinnamon crunch bagels. I LOVE them

6. The sun! I love warm weather, the sun shining, and the feelings of being warm. I could LIVE WITHOUT snow!!

7. Vacations. I love to spend time with family relaxing, exploring, and making new memories in places we have never been to

8. TIVO! What a lifesaver TIVO is. I love to be able to tape shows and watch them when little ones are asleep and fast forward through commercials

9. Going to the movies. I love movies and feeling like I can escape my brain and thoughts and concentrate on someone else’s creativity

10. Call Waiting. Being able to talk on the phone and not worrying if another call comes through that I may miss it especially if it is something important or an emergency. Hey MOM there is nothing worse than knowing that you are home and not answering your call waiting.

Of course my kids, awesome husband and extended family and friends. I hope that those answers were a given.


Jaime said...

That was a great list. I am also a paper towel junkie and that would totally be on my list, too! I like the select-a-size ones, so if you just need a small one, there's less waste.

angie said...

ALthough I rarely drink soda, I think McD's has the best fountain drinks anywhere. I LOVE Panera bread French toast and cinnamon bun bagels. Good thing I don't have Panera bread just down the street or I'd be in trouble! :)

Jocasta said...

What a great list. I'm a diet coke fan as well!

Lala said...

Just thought I would pop in.. Such a great list! I haven't been to Panera but they have them everywhere out here, so now I must investigate!

Tracy said...

your list is so fun & random!! I loved the pics too. ahhhh vacations.

Genny said...

Fun to read! And I love Panera too!

Good & Crazy said...

Funny shout out to your mom?! My mom doesn't get any messages we leave! Drives me crazy!

Will Piper said...

Cool "10 Things" list. There are quite a few women at my school and Jeni's school who enjoy the McD's fountain Diet Cokes too. To be honest, Jeni and I would have to put the Shamrock Shakes on our list.

Will & Jeni

Kerith Collins said...

oh...panera bread...we moved from the twin cities to small town iowa and there is no panera bread...mmmmmmmmmmmm...i miss it

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