Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Opinions Wanted!!!

Please do not leave without posting a comment. I am in need of some help from all my blogger friends! My house is in a transition phase right now. Jeff and I feel like we are living in a college dorm room. We have a very nice home, but somehow after adding two kids and dogs into the mix our home is lets say... embarrassing.
Projects that we would love to have done include:
~New flooring! Some hardwood, maybe bamboo, and new carpet. Lets just say gross, and sitting on my carpet is not something I would let you do. We steam clean it constantly and it is still yucky!
~New couches. I have a few pictures of the couches we have in here.... I honestly do NOT know what I was thinking when I chose this couch. Obviously, I was not thinking.
~New counter tops. We would love the nice ones. New floor in kitchen.
*All needs done and are wants, but the money is just not pouring in. If you know where a tree is that $100.00 fall off of it let me know.

Now here is the biggest problem right now. Jeff and I got into painitng our home. My aunt and uncle painted one of their bathrooms with this sand paint from Sherwin Williams. I really like how it looked. So we did it too. We picked this nice pretty blue, (again what were we thinking??) Jeff hates to go to the bathroom in here and would much rather would go in the kids Winnie the Pooh bathroom. I don't blame him.

See the bird on the shelf? The color was chosen because I fell in love with that cute little bird. Bad idea to choose a color around a bird!

Close up picture of the color. Can you see the sand texture to it? It is a rough texture when you wipe your hand down the wall.

This is walking into the bathroom. Picture is to show the color of the hallway and wallpaper. We are really into paint rather than wallpaper. I wanted this faux painted. The cost was WAY, WAY, WAY out of what we could pay. So I found this wallpaper that looked like faux.

~~~~~Another picture, leading into the bathroom~~~~~

Imagine the bottom floor of our home. It all makes a circle. So here is the hallway from the foyer into the home and then you can turn into the pretty ugly blue bathroom.

This picture above is from the great room into the hallway that takes you to the front door, or left into the bathroom

A close up view above of the wallpaper

Above is if you are standing in the kitchen. Go under the arch to the great room, turn right where the white door is open and into the hallway shown above.

So here are my questions. What color would you go with? Would you pick a color that ties in with the wallpaper? I really want. WANT. DESIRE. my home to look like one out of a parade of homes or model home. I know I am asking aLOT with kids/dogs.

Anyone have wood floors? Is there a brand that you like? Color?

PLEASE comment and if we can get the comments above 15, I will do a random drawing and the winner will receive a $15.00 gift card to TARGET!!! Please tell your friends to come in and post comments!!

I will also take any advice on how to get nasty blue sand paint off my walls. That is what I will be working on the next few days. I will post pictures along the way to show the progress.



angie said...

I've never used sand paint, so I have no idea how to remove it.....I would go with a neutral beige color (I like Gobi Desert)and accessorize with blue......towels, etc. I have wood floors and love them. They are oak and about 20 years old. THey've held up really well. My sister just got Brazilian cherry wood......the prefabricated planks and it looks gorgeous, but it shows EVERYTHING. As for carpet, go for something really plush with some sort of speckle in it. I used to vacuum every day with my old carpet and now I can get away with every week or two!

Oh, just looked up how to remove the paint and this is the answer:

Jocasta said...

My first suggestion is that if you don't love it get rid of it! Throw it, Donate it, Sell it - just get rid of it.

As for colour - we have painted our house (apart from the lounge and kitchen as we haven't got there yet) all variations of the same colour. The hall is 1/4 sisal, our bedroom is sisal, babies room is 1/2 sisal etc.. Gives a bit of variety but everything goes together.

I think you need to look at the house at a whole to tie it all together. The showroom look is very coordinated between rooms.

I think your house has some really good features - your woodwork is amazing and won't take much to get that showroom shine!

Laura said...

Well we have redone nearly every room in our house and still have more to go. First counter tops is Granite all the way for me. It just looks amazing! I like neutral paints and accents with color. I have a Ralph Lauren (browish green) I love. It is called Siesal (not sure if thats the spelling). We also did wood floors. Pay attention to the softness of the wood. They do not hold up as well. We did a maple with a cherry stain and love it (You can almost see it in my ww picture). I love my wood floors. Good look I can't wait to see pictures.

Laura said...

I just noticed Jocasta posted Sisal too. That is how you spell it. Mine might be different paint but its at Home Depot Ralph Lauren brand. You can see it in a lot of pictures on my blog. It's a medium color and looks great. Everyone who comes here wants it. Ha ha.

Jaime said...

I am so not the person to ask! I have been doing some work myself, but it's definitely not "show room" material.
Good luck!!

Jocasta said...

Definitely a different paint! Mines a Resene colour and that's not going to help you one bit!!!!! Unless of course you want to come here to pick your paint up!

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

We have textured paint in our living room and I hate it. The kids have drawn all over it and you can't wash it because its textured. I'm planning to do a little remodeling here, too, and painting the walls will be one of the first things I do. Your blue wall isn't bad, but I'd make it a color to complement your bird. Since both the bird and the wall are blue, the bird doesn't stand out. Paint your wall pale yellow or something. Then the bird would stand out. Or toss the bird out the window...hehe! (Fly away! You are free!).

I love bamboo floors. My brother has them and they're gorgeous.

Becoming Me said...

Glad to have found your blog!And first of all, I so feel your pain. I too some times feel we live in a dorm room. My main thing is to declutter and get rid of whatever we don't need and just gradually bring in calssier elements. And if you have an ugly wall color that won't change, I saw this type of white embossed/textured wall paper that you can paint over....very classy.

Genny said...


I'm big on matching, so I'd tend to go with a paint that ties into the wallpaper. Maybe a light chocolate or tan color? We have tile floors, not wood, but we love them. Easy to care for and they really keep the house cooler in the summer.

How fun for you! I love change, and any time we paint a room a different color, it's like getting a new room!


Kim said...

Decorating unfortunately is not my thing. I alway get overwhelmed with all the choices and it takes me forever to make a decision. But we painted our family room peanut butter, with angel food cake's soft and homey. We have mostly carpet in our house which I hate because it's a giant dust collector, thank goodness for my Oreck. My parents have Bruce hardwood and it can take a beating and still look great! Have fun and good luck!

Anonymous said...

I think i'm going to have to agree with the comment of if you don't love it then change it! Last thing you want is to be walking into a room that you just don't like everyday!

Sarah said...

Well in the pictures I wasn't so sure that it looked bad... but if you say so!

I have been redecorating myself - no words of wisdom here. Except that textured walls do suck - I hope you're having a better time removing them than I did!!

I love your blog - you're an amazing writer.

Trooper Thorn said...

There are two foolproof things I have done in several home renos. One is to use tongue-in-groove 1/3 inch pine for uneven or damaged walls as wainscoting rather than patch or repair plaster. It can be painted or stained anyway you like and is easy to install.

The second it to lay laminate flooring over crappy linoleum or uneven floors. It's also easy to install, comes in nearly every finish and is nearly impossible to damage by kids, dogs or clumsy adults.

Good luck.

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