Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Looking for a thrill? Try Cedar Point!

On Friday the 25th the kids and I went to Cedar Point. Every year we get a chance to go to Cedar Point through the company that Jeff works for. Unfortunately, Jeff was out of town. Jeff works with my family so although he was not there I did have other members of my family with me.
Cedar Point is in Sandusky, Ohio. It is an amusement park that is known for its roller coasters. If you are in to roller coasters this is the place to go. They have 17 different coaters, which includes 3 of the top 10 steel roller coasters in the world. Some go upside down, you stand on some, and others the floor drops out and your feet dangle about as you go upside down.

This year I spent my time in kiddie kingdom or in Camp Snoopy.
The kids love to go and Joey is anxiously waiting to get taller so he can go on some of the more thrilling rides. I will be excited to ride my favorite roller coaster the Magnum with him.

The Magnum was voted the "Best Steel Roller Coaster in the World," this towering steel superstructure has one of the tallest hills (205 feet) and fastest rides (72 mph) anywhere on the planet!

For more info go to http://www.cedarpoint.com/
Enjoy the photos! (People in the photos... Boy in Boston hat Joey, girl with really short hair Gabby, my mom a.k.a. "nana", nephew Blake in the Indians hat, and niece Kayla)


angie said...

Looks like so much fun for all!

Jocasta said...

I wish we had something like this near us - closest one is in Australia!!!!!

Jacki McHale said...

Thanks for stoping by my blog!

Ah you brought up good memories with this one. My husband and I went to Cedar Point for our 1 year annivesary! 6 years ago!

That was when the "Millinum Force" was the newest and biggest!


girlytwins said...

How fun. I can't wait till my girls are old enough to go to amusement parks. They LOVE rides but are still too small for any real ones :)

Will Piper said...

One of the places Jeni and I want to take the girls when they get old enough is Cedar Point. We love big roller coasters, and have never been. That looks like such an awesome day!

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