Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Who will win?? Did you vote?

Jeff is out of town…again and today I was a bit nervous at the thought of taking both kids with me when I went to vote. Last Friday Jeff went and voted early at the courthouse and waited for THREE hours!! So I had that in the back of my mind as well as two kids and waiting for THREE hours. It turns out that we waited about 20 minute’s tops and it was no big deal… Did you remember to vote? I guess that is a dumb question. With all the media attention given to this who could forget that today was voting day.
Here is a funny story to share. When I put the kids to bed they always have the same 2 questions. “What did we do today?” and “What are we doing tomorrow.” So we recap the day’s activities and then talk about what they have to look forward to the following day.
Last night Joey and I talked about the campaign “race” and that we would watch the “race” today but tomorrow during the conversation. When we got home from voting I turned on the news and Joey was excited because he wanted to watch too. He then kept asking me when they were going to get to the “race”. I said the votes have not all been counted yet. We will know more tonight. He said “no the race” and then it hit me. He thought Obama and McCain would physically be going out and racing each other! He is TOO CUTE FOR WORDS. When I told him they would not be racing a running race. He then decided it was time to turn off the news he was done. By the way he predicted Obama would win a running race and I would have to agree.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Past & Present

Joey's Halloween costume from 2006 above

Gabrielle 2008! This was at her school. They dressed up and sang for the parents


Gabrielle, Joey, & Jocelyn 2008

Joey 2008~ He is a clone trooper. We learned early on don't call that boy a storm trooper, there is a big difference?!?

Joey & Gabby 2007

Joey first time ever trick or treating

Gabby's first Halloween~ She was 4 months in this picture. Makes me miss babies!!

Thought it would be fun to show some pictures of Halloween past and Halloween present. If you get a chance after viewing my kids Halloween costumes this year, then go check out http://our-munchkins.blogspot.com/ to view what Laura's kids were for Halloween. Too funny!

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