Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where have you been?

I have been such a BAD blogger and I apologize to you that I have not been leaving comments on your blogs. I promise to be back soon. You all know that both kids are in school now. I have been trying to now figure out what to do with my time and have been working on my resume. I have sent out my resume (it is now via e-mail) to various hospitals for RN jobs. One hospital that I applied to four of the different job positions e-mailed me back stating “after careful consideration they gave the job to someone else”. In my resume I was upfront and stated that for the past 5 years I have been a stay at home mom. If they put two and two together they know that I quit my last job as a RN 5 years ago when I was pregnant with Joey and had all the complications to be a stay at home mom. I guess I don’t blame the people in charge for wanting to go with a RN right out of school and one that has no ties to a family and kids. I still have two hospitals that I applied for. It has been over two weeks now and have not heard from them.
On the other side all my readers and nonfamily members may be surprised to know that I am an eBay powerseller. I do a lot of research and know what is hot and go find those things to list on eBay. Last year around Christmas time I made a pretty nice profit that was helpful for Christmas and when Jeff and I went to Hawaii. This can be like a job and can be time consuming at the same time once things are listed and if you are able to sell the same thing multiple times then there is not a lot of work involved. Like everything in life it has its good points and bad. I am good at selling on eBay and I do really enjoy it. I enjoy the high of going into a store and being on the hunt for something and then finding it. I also love to send people mail. One of my favorite things to do is get mail. I ship fast. If you buy something from me it will be out of my house on 12 hours maybe before. I have even slept out for things I am on the hunt for. Last year I spent many nights outside for the Nintendo Wii. Yes, I am one of those crazy people you see on television. It really can be fun though. Being around other adults. Last year I met a couple that was married and also selling for extra money for Christmas. This guy was a genius and knew how to hook up some sort of heater to his van. So I would talk to him and know where he would be for free heat. If you are wondering I probably sold over 50 wii systems last year. As for the kids they would be with Jeff. Sometimes Jeff would also go and the kids would stay with my parents that way we would get two. The wii was pulling in a profit of $ 100.00 a Wii last year.
So again I have been busy buying, selling, researching, and listing. This is what I do and something I enjoy. There are many people who would say I hoard toys. To that I just say this; I stay at home with my kids. One family income with the way the economy is today and the life style we live is not enough. This is something I can do to help provide for my family as well as be home with the kids, pick my kids up from school, and go to sporting events. Either way I look at this as a job. I also know that if I did get hired tomorrow for a RN job that I would see my kids a lot less. I am still looking for a RN job, just not as aggressive as before. I want to sell again through Christmas and then try to get a RN job in January.

I have a little widget in my sidebar. My eBay seller name is Bluecakes22. Please remember me if there is anything you are looking for.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


My thoughts and prayers are with all those that lost loved ones 7 years ago today.
9-11-01 changed many people and their lives. Mine included.
My heart goes out to all of those who will be reliving this anniversary of a loved ones death.
Days like today are never easy.
I will never forget this day and how brave so many American men and women were on this day 7 years ago.
Thank you to all of our troops for our freedom.
God bless all of you.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wordful Wednesday

Angie began Wordful Wednesday and today I am going to give it a try.

We were getting the kids ready for bed. We sent them upstairs to brush their teeth and put on their pajamas while Jeff and I finished up a few things. We then heard the water to the bath tub starting. Neither of us said it was a bath night, but one of our children had different plans. I began and Jeff helped looking for bunny before going upstairs to get the kids to bed. I could not find bunny and I was worried about the kid in the tub. So I went upstairs to ask where bunny might be hiding and I pulled back the shower curtain and saw this. I then sent Jeff up with the camera.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What would you have done?

Sometimes life situations present themselves and I for one don’t know how to handle them. So I was wondering what you would have done had this been you.
I was at the grocery store looking at all the fattening, delicious, yummy desserts trying to pick out the right one for Jeff’s birthday. I could not decide if I should do a traditional cake or something a bit fancier like the turtle cheesecake, or peanut butter cup cake, or Oreo cake. I was deciding what cake to purchase when the lady behind the counter began sneezing. One sneeze after another until she sneezed into her hands FIVE times. I waited to see if she was going to go WASH her hands or put on clean gloves or sanitize herself in any way. She chose not to. I was sick to my stomach at the thought of her touching anything that I would be putting into my mouth and my family as well. So I politely told her I changed my mind. I walked over to the premade cakes and watched as the next person walked up to the bakery and made a purchase. I know that this lady did not wash her hands before helping this next customer. I don’t want to be the germ police, but isn’t this common sense???

So should I have asked her to wash her hands and then put on gloves? Would you have walked away too? What would you have done?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Week in review

This past week has been a crazy one!! Last Friday we left our home and went and spent the weekend up in Madison, Ohio with Jeff’s dad. The reason for our stay was for Jeff’s 20th year class reunion. I admit that I was not looking forward to the reunion. I tend to get anxious, quiet, and nervous in situations where I know no one and am forced into large crowds of people. Times like this I wish I was a drinker, but alcohol and I do not mix. We went to the high school football game on Friday night and then to a bar that was popular. I met a lot of Jeff’s old friends from high school. The following day we took the kids to Lake Erie and they played in the sand and we watched the water. That evening was the big reunion at Quail Hollow. It ended up being a nice
I want to say “Thank you” to Papa John and his girlfriend Dee Dee for taking such good care of our kiddos. The weekend ended with a family reunion at one of Jeff’s Aunt’s homes. It was a nice time. The kids really enjoyed themselves. We then went home on Monday. The kids were back to school on Wednesday and later Wednesday evening we went to the airport to pick up Jeff’s mom. “Oma” will be staying with us for a few weeks. It is always fun when she is here. The kids love her and love spending time with her. Wednesday and Thursday evening have been devoted to the Republicans… I will leave that alone. I think we all know where I stand now.

Tonight we celebrated Jeff’s 38th birthday. He really had his Birthday on August 31st, but because we have been so busy we celebrated it again tonight.

I have been blessed with a fabulous husband. He is truly a gift from God. He and I have been through many tough times in our 6 years of marriage. I think that together we can weather any storm. The loss of our daughters was very difficult for me and also for Jeff, but it also in ways put some distance between us. Grieving is a difficult thing. Especially when there is also a baby (Joey) that needed to be taken care of. Being a stay at home mom has made finances hard at times, but again through talking, loving, and good communication we have made it. We always say “you are stuck with me”, there will be no divorce. Not only is Jeff an amazing caring, kind, hardworking, dedicated husband he is also an out of this world dad. Hearing the excitement of my kids when he walks in the door at night is one of the greatest sounds. He loves our children, provides for them, cares for them, teaches them, disciplines them, and most of all is very dedicated and hands on with them.
I love you Jeff and we wish you a very Happy Birthday!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Did you watch her tonight?? She was impressive! She could give Mrs. Clinton a run for her money. I am so GLAD that she is on my side. LOVE her... LOVE her!!! I promise I will stop with the politics.

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