Friday, July 11, 2008

Getting back into a routine.... The past few weeks

Wow! Since late June our family has been going nonstop. I am just going to recap everything in this post and I know that I have to also do my pregnancy part III story of pregnancy #3.

Sunday June 22nd 2008: We attended church in the morning and then had the kick off to vacation Bible school

Monday June 23rd: Jeff left to go out of town. The kids and I were at vacation Bible school. I was a volunteer and helped with elementary games

Tuesday June 24th: Vacation Bible School. Helped my sister with her kids. Tee-ball practice. Out for ice cream and then my nephew spent the night

Wednesday June 25th: Vacation Bible school

Thursday June 26th: Last day of vacation Bible school. Jeff came home. Gabrielle’s 3rd birthday. Had birthday dinner and cake as well as Little Leapers

Friday June 27th: Started preparing the home and going to grocery to get ready for Gabrielle’s family birthday party. Tinkerbelle theme.

Saturday June 28th: Soccer and Tee-ball. Clean house

Sunday June 29th: Gabrielle’s Tinkerbelle party with family and friends. Received call from Courtney about her father falling and being transported to the hospital.

I asked Jeff to go out and get some pics of Gabby with her sign. Above is what she gave him. I was not thrilled with the result.

Miss "Tink"

"Make a wish"

Monday June 30th: Spent the day on the phone with Courtney. Said many prayers for Mr. D

Tuesday July 1st: Joey had summer camp. Spent time with Gabby and on the phone with Courtney. Cleaned house from the party

Wednesday July 2nd: Courtney came into town. Went to the hospital. Spent time with Mr. D and family. Jeff and the kids drove to Chicago for the 4th of July to spend time with friends of ours. I stayed home to help Courtney and her family anyway I could. We did a lot of shopping for outfits for the services. I must say that Courtney, Joyce, and Tempa all looked very pretty.

Thursday July 3rd: Shopping for the services

Friday July 4th: Shopping and errands

Saturday July 5th: Ran errands and last minute things. Jeff and the kids drove back from Chicago
Sunday July 6th: Calling hours for Mr. D

Monday July 7th: Service for Mr. D

Tuesday July 8th- Friday July 11th: My cousin’s kids were here and spent time with us. They just left and now I am cleaning, unmaking beds, doing laundry, making beds again, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and took a break for some blog time.

My cousin, Megan has four children. She is 33. They all love in Michigan. She is a wonderful mother and has been through some very tough things with her relationship with the father of the kids. She met Dave in high school. She was in high school when she got pregnant with her first child. She then had 3 more with him. The kids are 13, 12, 10, and 9. Dave was into some bad things in high school. At one point he was starting to change things for himself and he and Megan did get married. Things did not work and he went back to his old ways. They ended up getting a divorce. I am proud of her for being so strong and always putting the girls and Nick the oldest first. The kids did not have much of a relationship with him. He would make promises and not follow through. To make a sad story even sadder this past May Dave’s body was found in an abandoned warehouse by a homeless man. The kids did attend the funeral and I am sure as they get older this may have more of an effect on them. Dave had problems, but there are two things I try to keep in mind when I think of him. The first is that Megan must have seen something good in him or she would have never started dating him. Second, is that without him these 4 beautiful, fun, intelligent, caring kids would not be here. The third child Taylor came down over her winter break and wanted to come back down to spend time with us. This time the other two girls wanted to come also. MY home has been filled with many voices, laughing, running, games, smiles, and good times. We all had a great time and the kids did not want to leave to go back to Michigan. So they may be coming back in August.
Bailey & Paige (sisters) ~ABOVE
Taylor, Paige, & Bailey~ BELOW
Cousins. Poor Joey was surrounded by GIRLS! He LOVED it!!

As much fun as it has been to have the girls here I am now ready for things to slow down a bit. We all have been running at a pretty fast pace around here and I like it when things are a bit calmer and we are not constantly rushing around. I am now happy to welcome some normalcy.


Jocasta said...

Those girls are gorgeous!

Love the tinkerbell party - the sign is magnificent and the cake - wonderful

Happy Birthday Gabby

Jocasta said...

I've written an email to you but I don't have your email address - can you send it to

Will Piper said...

Hey Laurie-
With our crazy week we're just catching up on your blog as well. Thanks for your readership and posts. We are glad that CC Sabathia is on the Brew Crew (I am actually going to see him pitch tomorrow- I was there Tuesday for his debut too... as I've mentioned, Brewers games are much like you going to the movies- a good escape from the day-to-day). To answer your question re: Corey Hart, the I Hart NY campaign was because the All Start Game on Tuesday is going to be played at Yankee Stadium which is being torn down at the end of this season.

Sounds like you guys are having quite the eventful summer. Glad to see that Gabby's party went well- the pictures and sign are adorable.

Take care and hope all is well,
Will & Jeni

Jessica said...

I saw you post on Sara's blog. I read that you lost twins. I am interested to here more about that. I am struggling throught some of the same issues.

Court said...

I know this was a busy time for you and your family, but THANK YOU for all of the running around, shopping, crying and support during this difficult time. You truly are my best friend!! I love you so very much!!

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