Monday, January 26, 2009

Random Letters

Sometimes I am amazed at what my children know, yet I don’t know that they know they know these things. Gabrielle has been very interested in the alphabet and letters lately. Last week I was writing random letters down to see if she could tell me what they were.

Here is an example of our letter practicing:

Mommy makes a “T”

Gabby looks at it and says “Tyler”

I look at her confused and say” yes, Tyler does start with this letter, but what it the letter”?

Gabby shrugs shoulders and says “I don’t know”.

Mommy replies “T” and moves on to write an “I”

Gabby replies “Ian”

Again mommy is confused. Why is she saying names and not the letter?

Gabby then wants a new letter. Mommy makes an “H”

Gabby replies “Hope” but then does say “H”

Mommy then makes an “F”

Gabby replies “Faith”

Then it dawned on me. These are all kids in her preschool class. She can identify the first letter of many of these kid’s names. I was pretty impressed!

They grow up way to fast!


Jocasta said...

What a clever girl!

The Harris Family said...

Thanks for visiting my blog again, I am from Cleveland and my husband is from Toledo originally...we meet at OSU. We now live in a small town in MI called Stevensville, we are slowly trying to convert these wolverines into buckeyes!

angie said...

I'm really impressed too!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

I think I'd be impressed too! How cool is that! *whoosh* where DOES that time go?

Kim said...

That is very smart!

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