Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm still waiting....

As a person who likes some things in life to be perfect, I am still waiting for that perfect picture of my two children together.
I mean a photo with both my cuties looking at the camera,
legs down,
underwear NOT showing,
eyes open,
arms and hands in place,
a perfect photo is all I want.
A photo to frame.
In years past we have done the mall thing to do Christmas cards. I have had such bad experiences. Meaning two kids won’t stand next to each other or sit next to each other without fighting or crying. So since Gabrielle’s birth the entire photos end up being a good shot not perfect of Joey by himself and then a good shot of Gabby by herself and then finding a card with two frames and blending the card to one. It works but I still want that perfect shot. A shot with my two kids together and looking happy, one with Gabrielle’s beautiful dimple showing. One with Joey displaying a natural and not forced smile.
Well I have to tell you that mama is still waiting….

PhotoStory Friday
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MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh Laurie these are all FRAMERS! I love those expressions, they pretty much sum it all up. They are beautiful!

The Harris Family said...

I think those pictures are adorable! Definitely framers because it will always remind you of the moment!

Jocasta said...

They are sooooo cute!

I would frame them as well!

Tracy said...

I say stop waiting - you got some cute pics!!! I have given up on having a pic with no one crying. lol
cute kids!

The Harris Family said...

It is always fun to hear about fellow buckeye fans!! Are you from Ohio? My husband and I met at OSU!!

Alex Botvinnik said...

Hey, those photos are great...

My favorite photo of your kids is "2008-12-27 15-20-44-IMG_1824.JPG"

It's on your hard drive :)

Kim said...

Those pictures are classics! I think we all wish for the "perfect picture." But when you look back at those pictures a year from now you'll see they were perfect all along! Because that's them!

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