Saturday, January 10, 2009

Picture Time! Kalahari

The Botvinnik & Zapp Families ~Sammy, Joey, Jeff, Laurie, Gabby, Bianca, Alex, and Nicky
Here is the water park... (above)

2 Swimmers ready (Joey & Nicky)

At dinner one night both Nicky & Joey won a coloring conest! How cool that they both won!!!

The floor was open for dancing and Gabrielle went up and got her groove on!

The menorah

Sammy... Is he not the cutest little thing!

On the last night we ended up giving Joey Benadryl. He was having a reaction I believe to the chlorine. Here he is about 10 minutes after taking the Benadryl. I was waiting for the Front desk to bring up clean sheets after I discovered something nasty all over the sheets. I hope it was not there the first night we all slept in the bed. Yuck! As soon as they came we put my little prince into bed.


Tracy said...

looks like a wonderful time. GREAT pics. gotta love that everyone is having a good time & winning!

Jaime said...

Sounds like fun! Aside from the allergic reaction, of course.
The water park looks awesome!

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