Monday, January 19, 2009

A Heat Wave, A book review, and A movie Review!

It is a heat wave!!! Today the temperature got up to 22 degrees! Woo hoo. They even closed schools last Friday after our very low and zero degree temperatures. My niece enjoyed a day with no school.

I know I am late to get on the bandwagon, but if you have not read any of the Twilight series books and have thought about it here is my take. First I love fiction more than nonfiction. I tend to read more fiction. With that being said I DO NOT enjoy Science fiction what so ever. I avoid science fiction at all costs. I am guessing that Twilight falls under fiction, but it took me some convincing by others to give the book (s) a try. I first started hearing about the books in November. My cousin, sister in law, and hair dresser all read the books. They all urged me to read them. I was very reluctant due to the fact that when I heard about vampires I thought this is not for me. I won’t enjoy this type of book. I ended up asking Jeff for Twilight for Christmas. I had the book sitting on the counter and read the other book he got me Jon & Kate plus 8. (I really liked the book... I love the show too) Anyways, I let a few more days pass and picked up Twilight and began reading. I was unable to put it down. I was not put off by the “vampire” part of the book. I was intrigued and ended up reading the book very fast and staying up into the wee hours of the morning to finish. I did then go on to the last three books and I have to say that I really. Really. Really. Enjoyed the books. So if you are looking for something to read that is entertaining I do suggest the Twilight series!

Now I did then go and see the movie with my cousin. This is the first time that I have done a book series and then seen the movies. I have to admit that this was a BAD route! I should have just stuck with the books and skipped the movie. After the books I wanted more Bella and Edward. Wrong move on my part. The movie I give a c- maybe even a D. I was disappointed in the movie in so many ways. First off the acting by the MAIN Character BELLA (Kristen Stewart) was HORRIBLE! If I was the writer (Stephenie Meyer) I would be embarrassed by the fact that her main character in her wonderful books was acted out by an actress that looked bored, like she was speaking her lines with no emotion or feeling, and that she just looked out of place. Sounds so harsh, but it was so HARD to watch when you LOVED the book and wanted so much more from the movie.
Other things about the movie that bothered me were there were things from the book that were left out. I mean good parts of the book! Then the producers of the movie added their own pieces to the movie that never happened in the book. For example in the book Bella’s dad never gives her mace. In the movie they show mace at least 2-3 times and make it out to be more than it needed to be and it NEVER happened in the book.

So all in all if you want a good read I do suggest the Twilight series and I would really skip the movie and keep $7.50 in your pocket!

Am I the only one that read the books and was REALLY disappointed in the movie?


angie said...

I was late jumping on the Twilight wagon too......b/c I'm not a sci fi fan. But, I decided to try The HOST, which is great, by the way, and after reading it decided Twilight had to be great, did I get sucked in! :)

Enjoy that warm (snicker) weather. :)

Laura said...

Love Twilight. Love The host. I started the host and actually almost stopped as I hate sci fi (never even watched star wars). But that book (as with Twilight series too) is more about the relationships and the people than the sci fi premise.


Jaime said...

I was also late in jumping into Twilight. Unlike you, I saw the movie first. That actually intrigued me enough that I had to read the books. Loved them!
Hated the "Bella" actress as well! She bugged me even before I had read the books!
But overall, I did like the movie as well.

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