Sunday, May 11, 2008

On the road again

Jeff and I flew back to Ohio one weekend to go search for a new house. We decided that with all the money one spends in an apartment and gains nothing in the end a better option for us would be to purchase a house. We also had a date set for our upcoming wedding. We would be getting married on May 25th 2002. As we looked at houses we had a limited time to really spend at any one place. In the end we found a new development going up. My aunt and uncle told us about it. They were currently building a home in this development. The development had three phases to it. The first phase was still underway. On the way out after being discouraged that we were way over our price limit we saw a house that had a for sale sign. We immediately noticed that it was a bit smaller than the houses being built. For just the fun of it I had Jeff stop and we got the info for the house. We ended up setting a time to view the house. We really liked many aspects of the house. Although because it was already built and done inside to be ready to be sold many decisions that some homeowners get to make had already been determined. For example the floors were already put in. There was no carpet yet but the kitchen floors, entry foyer floors, bathroom floors were already in place. The kitchen cabinets were already in place so there was no change as far as color of the wood, the counter tops in the kitchen and bathrooms were also in place. I am really into oak wood as opposed to a light pine. So I guess this was a time to not be choosey. We ended up deciding to buy the house. We were still in over our heads as far as price, but somehow we were determined to make it work. It is a nice neighborhood, has a great location to where I would be working and Jeff would be 5-10 minutes away from his new job, the backyard would be great for the dogs. Many of the houses we looked at were right by major roads and that was a concern with the dogs. Best of all my aunt and uncle would be living right down the street from us.

March/ April 2002
When we got back to Seattle the majority of our time was spent canceling services, packing boxes, and preparing for our move. When I moved out to Seattle we spent some time viewing and stopping to enjoy parts of the country we had never seen before. This time we were going to be going at a more scheduled and faster pace. We were excited to get into our home. I would be attending a wedding shower soon. And if I remember correctly the few days before we left it would be Easter the following Sunday. I would be driving the Cherokee this time and Jeff would be driving a big u-haul truck and pulling his car.

We made it back to Ohio and had no problems. After moving into the house we had a lot to do. We had our upcoming wedding to prepare for, unpacking, Jeff starting a new job, house services to set up, and all the rest of the fun that goes into moving.

In the end the girl who moved to Seattle with big dreams and longing for independence made it out there a total of 9 months! We currently still live in the house we purchased over 6 years ago. Our house has come a long way. We have some many memories here and have added new members to our family. As well as losing a few members to our family. Our house is now a HOME that we love and are blessed to have.

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Jocasta said...

Wow! for us this is a big house! Looks lovely!

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