Monday, May 5, 2008

I admit it.. I FAILED!

After unpacking and moving in, I had some things to do now that I was living in a new state. The biggest was to study. I had a job lined up at Harborview Medical Center starting in September. First I had to pass the NCLEX. I spent the majority of my time studying for the biggest test of my life. The test is required to get my nursing license.

Although I did pass the NCLEX exam on the first and only attempt I should have studied a bit harder for my driver’s license test. In Washington a computer test is given to get a driver’s license. I guess I was expecting to walk in and just get a new license with a new picture and new address. I learned fast that this was not the case. This was rather funny though and we did get a laugh out of the fact that I did not get my driver’s license on the first attempt. I did get the license on the second try! Thank God for that.

The summer went by pretty fast. Jeff and I took a trip to Chicago in July. We went to a wedding. Jeff was a groomsman. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous. No detail went unnoticed. We had a great time.

We also met my parents out in Wyoming. Remember that dude ranch… Well we had an opportunity to stay at the dude ranch. I was really excited to get out to the mountains again. Every day was filled with riding horses. I fell in love with Jeff’s horse. Benny! This was the last hurrah for us before I started my job in September and began my life as a working RN.


angie said...

Here in Oregon our test is computerized as well. If you missed a question it told you then and there. I was getting REALLy nervous towards the end because I knew I was so close to failing. Then I got a question about a horseback rider and hand signals. WHAT??????????/

Tracy said...

We just moved to GA from FL & I was scared I'd have to retake the test - thank God I didn't!! My husband's step dad moved here from another country & has failed the drivers test 10X - then again he doesn't really know English . . .

Johanna said...

Well twice isn't so bad. :) I'm afraid it might take me more than that!!!

I wanted to stop by and say thank you for your recent comment on my blog. It has really recharged my batteries and I appreciate you taking the time to be sincere and open. I will keep writing... keep coming back! Sometimes I feel I write into the abyss for nothing, but I really wanted to say thank you.

Congrats on the new job - I always thought being an RN would be a rewarding career. I look forward to coming back and reading about your journey. (And I wish I could ride Benny!!!)

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