Saturday, May 3, 2008

A new puppy

Morgan (2001)
Sometimes I do things spontaneously. After a conversation with Jeff who is a runner he was talking about having a dog. A big dog and one that he could take on runs with him. I am a VERY big dog lover. After my grandpa passed away (he also was the biggest dog lover I had known) I decided to buy another dog. Jeff was in Seattle and I went on my own to a place that has all sorts of fun pet merchandise as well as some puppies. In the cage was a black lab. I asked to see her. She was so fun and full of life. It was love at first sight. When I put her down to let her run she reminded me of Simba from The Lion King. She was adorable and so full of personality and life. I named this little puppy Morgan and she came home with me.

I talked to Jeff on the phone about what I had purchased for him and us as a new companion of him when he would run. He was NOT thrilled to say the least. He even asked me to return her. That was not an option because I was already in love. Jeff and I never have been a couple that would get in arguments or fight, but he was not really happy with me. His concern was our drive to Seattle with a puppy and the fact that she would be a big dog in an apartment.

In the end Morgan stayed. I will never forget the first time Jeff and Morgan met. She took instantly to him. He was a little hard on her at first trying to get her to sit and learn his commands. He ended up falling for her and they became instant pals.


Jocasta and Wayne said...

I know exactly what you mean about falling in love instantly with an animal - mine's a cat called Fred!

Will Piper said...

Hey Laurie-
Since you've been so kind to post all sorts of comments on our blog, we wanted to post one on yours. Morgan looks like a real sweetie. Our Maggie is a black lab mix from the Wisconsin Humane Society. I can relate to you, Jeff and Jocasta and Wayne in that we fell in love with her instantly as well. She's been such a God send during this stressful time.

Take care,
Will & Jeni

Marissa said...

I just fell in love with Morgan all over again! =)

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