Sunday, May 11, 2008

"I do"

By the Seaside
As we stand beside the ocean tide,may our love always be as constant and unchangingas these never-ending waves that pour beneath our feet,flowing endlessly from the depths of the sea;your love came softly upon my heart,just as the foam comes softly upon the sand,and just as there will never be a morningwithout the ocean's flow,so there will never be a daywithout my love for you.I pledge myself to you this day.Our love will be as unchangingand dependable as the tide;as these waters nourish the earthand sustain life, may my constant devotionnourish and sustain you until the end of time.

I am not a very outgoing person. I am not the person who you would ever find dancing on a stage or singing in a performance. I do not like to draw attention to myself. When it came time to plan our wedding there was a few things to take into account. For me getting married in a big church with many people watching and then having the traditional big reception with lots of dancing is not something I would ever enjoy. I avoid dancing at any and all costs. I do not really enjoy slow dancing either.
When Jeff and I went to Sanibel Island, Florida in 2000 we remember being on the beach and watching a sunset wedding. We said that was the kind of wedding we would like to have. So when it came time to plan our wedding, we already knew that that is where it would be. Never having planned a wedding before it was actually very easy. On the internet are companies that specialize in wedding ceremonies. We found a company in the location that we would like to be married. They already have a photographer that they use, they have an arch, and an officiate. The only decisions that were to be made were when we would do this and what type of flowers I wanted to carry. Jeff and I would have to go to Lee County to get the marriage certificate and that was really all there was to it. Easy and simple yet at a beautiful location that meant something to us both.
My mom and I flew down to Florida before everyone else was to arrive. We needed to meet with the lady that we signed our contract with. We also needed to make reservations for dinner and for my hair. We had fun just hanging out and I got some sun on my face and body so I did not look so pale in the photos. When Jeff arrived a few days later he and I went one day to get the marriage license. We had the rehearsal dinner at McT’s. My parents, siblings, their significant others, niece who was 8 months, my cousin (Marissa who just got engaged, was my maid of honor), my aunt, uncle, Jeff’s dad and his girlfriend of over 10 years, and brother, sister in law, and 2 nieces were all coming at some point to attend our wedding. Jeff’s brother was our best man and our two nieces were our flower girls.
The day of the ceremony it was warm, but cloudy. I kept praying that it would not rain. Jeff and I did not see each other the day we got married until it was time to say “I do.”
Here is a story that I will never forget about the day that I got married. My cousin and I went to a place to have our hair done. Over the phone I had made an appointment and was told “oh yes we can do updos”. So we were expecting to come out looking beautiful. This salon was owned by an older woman. (Elderly) that should have been my first clue to turn around and walk out. This was an important day right? One to look my best. I explained to the stylist what I wanted done and how I wanted my hair to look. She went to find a pony tail holder. She was having no luck. Hmm this is a hair salon right? So she attempts to put in my hair a rubber band. Not just a small rubber band, but a rubber band that you would see in the grocery store around a head of broccoli. I was horrified, but I did not really know what to do. She then did not really understand how I wanted my hair so she kept curling it. I was looking frightful and not like myself nor was I looking like something you would see in the year 2000. Because I do not have the ability to speak up and say I am really unhappy and don’t like how this is progressing I let the lady finish. We paid and left. Marissa and I got into the car and I did not know if I should laugh or cry. We were having a bit of a laugh. I drove down the road to where I knew another salon was. We walked in and I told them I was getting married and the girl looked at me and was horrified. They tried as hard as they could to get my hair to look like something normal. I would have had them wash it and start all over, but we were running out of time. The finished hair was better, just not how I really wanted to look on my wedding day.
As we were driving to blind pass where we would be getting married I was fine. I was not really nervous and was excited to be the Mrs. The sky turned out to be amazing. It never did rain, and because of all the clouds the sky turned into so many gorgeous colors. We got married in our bare feet and after the ceremony we all went out to dinner. My kind of wedding. No dancing, no father daughter dances, no wedding cakes, no flying garters, just relaxed and stress free with all our immediate family.
Jeff and I are now coming up on our 6th Wedding anniversary. We have been through some really tough times together. We have weathered many storms and we continue to grow closer every day. I have given birth to four children, we have lost two to still birth, we have learned how to manage money better, and we get along perfectly. We are not a couple that fights with one another and raises our voices. We never have been. We just love each other and respect each other as well as continue to be best friends and supportive. I LOVE you Jeff. You are the best thing that has ever happened in my life!


Jocasta said...

That's a lovely story - you looked beautiful. It's wonderful that the ceremony was so perfect.

Tracy said...

sounds like a wonderful time - in all aspects. also a neat idea to create this 'journal' of your life so all can share.

angie said...

It has been so much fun to get to know you through these posts!

Kim said...

You looked beautiful on your wedding day, I love that picture with the sunset. I am definently partial to beach weddings, I was married at Cape Hatteras, it was awesome. Like you I did mostly everything online and over the phone. I had the same fears about the hair place and the restaurant too, luckily it turned out great! I have to admit when you wrote about the broccoli rubber band I laughed out loud. I think I would have cried!

Shannon said...

Beautiful! I am teary. You and I are very much alike. I ended up with the big to-do wedding but always dreamed of being married in my bare feet in the sand. The night of our wedding I asked my hubby is we could do it again in 10 years...the way we really want to. GOod for you for following your heart and having the wedding of your dreams - besides the hair.

I am so glad I found you. I will be back!

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