Monday, February 2, 2009

Just Need a Baby Fix~ Gabrielle Grace~

She was the "cheesiest"thing I had ever seen!!! Minutes after birth

With mommy day 2 of life
... And then the real Gabrielle came forward and the colic began. It is then that I get my "baby fix" and remember the other reasons why we are done!

To be continued...
I have been reading so many new blogs and came across this tonight! It looks like fun and I would love to get more involved with other blogging moms/bloggers. So this is my first time participating in a swap and you can too!! Go check it out. We may swap with each other.


Mamarazzi said...


i am glad you want to play...look for an email from me soon!

Jocasta said...

She might be crying but still so cute!! I was just looking at some of my old posts and getting my baby fix as well!

OHN said...

There is nothing more amazing to me than a newborn. To realize that minutes before they were where they were and now are out and breathing....well, it just blows my mind.

Tracy said...

so funny about the baby fix. I go through that as well. don't all of us moms?

angie said...'s that time with Mamarazzi? I need to go sign up. She was a gorgeous baby......:)

Megan Garrison Photography said...

Precious photos! I am glad you are in the swap! Too bad I wasn't linked as your swap partner ;) I love your blog!

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