Monday, February 2, 2009

Baby Fix Gabrielle Grace... Part II

I know it is not her Birthday, but I am needing a baby fix in a big way!!! It is true though that once I let my mind remember the three high risk pregnancies, the many trips and admits to the ER/hospital, the loss of my sweet girls, and then the colic and post partum depression that I know that the decision for Jeff to have a vasectomy was the right one, but still... I miss babies. So now instead of a baby this is what is going on now with my BIG GIRL no longer a BABY. Even though she is my BABY she is just not a BABY. :(

Now instead of diapers, bottles, and making crafts out of her hand and footprints my BIG GIRL can now do this..

...and just like typical Gabrielle fashion she did this on her own on her terms. We have been working with her on writing her name. Either we would get two responses (1) "no, I don't want to" (2) She attempts for 5 seconds but really wants to not do this for mom, but will do for her Pre K teachers. Then this past weekend she wanted to color and she said "mom look" and I am so PROUD!!! We knew she could, it is just everything is on her terms!
And instead of conversations of singing to a baby or trying to quiet my youngest little girl with her constant colic and crying we now have conversations like this:
Not too long ago I was in the bathroom. In typical fashion someone ALWAYS walks in unannounced... this time it was Gabby. I was having my monthly visit from aunt flo and attempting to change Tampons. Gabrielle says "mom, what is that"? "A tampon" I reply and then as I open the new one she looks at it out of its package and says "Wow, that is pretty"! In a VERY excited voice. HMMM I had to think about that. A tampon as pretty. Functional or great invention are words I would use not PRETTY.
Gabrielle Grace I LOVE you and I AM SO PROUD of you. I love to listen to you sing, watch you dance and play dress up. You amaze me with your memory and I am so BLESSED beyond belief to be your mommy.


Tootie said...

I've just run across your blog because it came in my email, in my Google Sanibel Alerts. :-) Weird, huh? I suppose somewhere in your blog the word 'Sanibel' must me hiding.

Anyway, I totally enjoyed looking at the cute pictures and funny little story.

All of my grand children are teenagers now, and I truly miss having babies around too. :-)

Tootie said...

How nice, you have a condo to use here! I came on vacation to Sanibel for years and have lived here for a little over three years now. It still feels like I am on vacation everyday. :-)

What area is your condo in? I hope the weather warms up for your visit. It's a little chilly today from the NW wind. But, that's sure better than the 20's.

Maybe our paths will cross on your visit. That would be very nice.

Jocasta said...

She is so beautiful Laurie!

I've updated my blog address it's now

Tracy said...

what great pics of Gabrielle.
who knows maybe you are supposed to have a baby in your life in another way - a friend who needs help, volunteering, foster-care, etc.
or maybe remembering the colic while trying to help her write her name is enough! lol

Melissa said...

Wow, you story sounds very familiar to mine. The big V, the colic and the PPD...thanks for stopping by!

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