Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hawaii & Our 6th Year Wedding Anniversary

I am back! I feel bad that in my last blog post I said that I would do a picture of the day everyday that we were in Hawaii. Well it never seemed to happen. When night time came both Jeff and I were in bed and fast asleep. I am starting to finally get on track again from the time change.

We had a WONDERFUL time. I have to first thank my mom and dad who were so kind and watched the kids for us and did all the duties I normally would do. They put their jobs aside for the kids and Jeff and I are forever grateful. It was harder on Joey than we expected, but we are glad to be home and back into our normal routines again. Already Jeff is out of town on business!
We got to Hawaii and it was later in the evening Hawaii time. It was 4:00am Ohio time when we finally were checked into the hotel and in our hotel room. We were exhausted and welcomed our “heavenly” beds. When we finally got up the next morning we went to the pool and basked in the sun. By mid afternoon I think Jeff and I were both looking at each other like now what do we do? No kids? Relax? No schedule? What is this? So we decided to go parasailing. There was a company right on the beach that was offering it. This was the first time either of us had gone parasailing. I was nervous not because I am scared of heights, but because I was afraid of what would happen if the rope should snap. I am not fond of being out in the middle of the Pacific with whales and sharks. I was told several times that there is nothing to be afraid of because the whales had gone up to Alaska/ Canada for the summer. Anyways it was beautiful. I was surprised that Jeff and I were also able to have a conversation not shouting to one another. It was not loud or windy up there whatsoever. I highly recommend parasailing.

Over the next few days we did many fun things like horseback riding, snorkeling, shopping, and also just driving around the island and finding our own little adventures.

I am on Keiko and Jeff is on Apache

We took a boat ride out to Molokini and went snorkeling and then to turtle town. I had an amazing experience swimming with some sea turtles. They are so gentle and clam in the water. It was one of the coolest things I have ever done. We ended up buying our own snorkel masks and then found other places to snorkel throughout our trip. A few other times we saw sea turtles. Of course when I then buy the underwater camera to share this with the kids, we never saw another sea turtle on our snorkel adventures. We did see some amazing fish and coral under water. At one place I was just observing things and was really scared and shocked when I spotted a black zebra moray eel. My fins were moving then. Anything that looks or acts like a snake and I am gone. The eel and I made eye contact and I still get the chills thinking of the thing.

On May 25th Jeff and I celebrated our 6th year wedding anniversary. We spent the morning going to a different side of the island. We had breakfast and then went to a dive shop to rent some snorkel gear (fins, flotation device, and scuba zip up shirts). We then went to two sites for snorkeling. Afterwards we headed back to the hotel and I got ready to go get my hair done and Jeff went and did some laundry. We then went and got some pictures before dinner of the sunset of the two of us. Dinner was an experience. Lets’ just say that the more expensive a meal the less likely I am to eat. I do not eat anything that comes out of the ocean. I am more of like a vegetarian except that I will eat chicken and I will eat an occasional hamburger. Other than that my meat intake is very limited. It has more to do with thoughts of the animal and texture than anything else. The concierge at the hotel told us about this place, great atmosphere, good food etc. When I picked up the menu I knew right away that I would be having a salad. I asked if the portions were big and was told yes. So I ordered this fancy tomato salad with onions and some sort of vinaigrette dressing. The salad came in a MARTINI glass. It took me like 8 bites and that was my dinner. I am happier at Subway or getting a slice of pizza. I hate when you pay so much and get so little. There was one item on the menu and it was $80.00 for a steak! WOW is all I can say. I hope they know if that was really one good cow.

Sunset picture

So our Anniversary was a fun day. I will never forget that salad! I think Jeff and I know better now also. Those places make me uncomfortable and the food I could live without really. Cheap date! That is me.

Our last day on the island we drove to Hana. Now the road to Hana has 600 curves and 56 bridges. It was insane! The roads were winding for 30 miles. We decided to do this trip at the last minute after a snorkel adventure and we had no clothes to change into. So we did it in our bathing suits and we were out to find some waterfalls. We did see some amazing waterfalls as well as some amazing views and sights. It was a great time!

We are now back in Ohio and ready for summer. Joey has his last day of preschool on Friday.


Jocasta said...

Hawaii sounds awesome! I'm the same with fancy meals - I like the idea but really just plain good food suits me.

Your holiday sounds just perfect

angie said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time. The pictures and slide show are great, too. My anniversary is coming up and we are going away, too. I will have to remember that I can eat slowly all week instead of shoveling it all in before all heck breaks out. Bliss. he he.

Laura said...

This looks SO heavenly. So glad you had such an amazing trip!

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Hawaii looks beautiful and I'm so glad you and hubby were able to relax and enjoy your vacation.

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