Friday, June 6, 2008

End of the school year activites

I will soon be back to my regularly scheduled programming…. Pregnancies and the past, but before I get to the past I felt like I needed to do this blog for my kiddos. It has been a very busy week as I am sure it has been all over the country for moms of school aged children. Summer is here and it can be seen by the increased temperatures, the opening of swimming pools, the hanging baskets of bright beautiful flowers, the green grass that is always being freshly mowed, the sight of bumble bees, and of course those pesky mosquitoes. I love summer. I wait all year for the sun to shine and to have the opportunity to be outside watching my kids ride their bikes, play on the swing set, play ball, and enjoying side walk chalk. I can’t express how much better I feel when the sun is shining and the sounds, smells, and feel of summer are felt all around me.
This past week has been hectic to say the least. As I just described all the things we enjoy doing outdoors we have been so busy that we have been unable to most of it. Jeff has been out of town of business and comes home later tonight. (Big smile)So when he is away on business that adds to my late nights and having more responsibility.

Wednesday was Gabby’s last class of Little Leapers. Little Leapers is like a gymnastics class. We have been going there since Joey was about 2. The last session before summer they have an awards ceremony. It is just really fun for the kids. They get a medal and the teachers play the Olympic theme song as the kids get their medal. I was so happy for Gabrielle. Being the younger child she often is too young for some of the activities that Joey is involved in. She has watched Joey get trophies and medals of his own, so this was just a big deal for her.

Running to mommy to show me her medal

Look at me mom!

Thursday was Joey’s last day of Little Leaper’s also. He is in a class with 13 other boys. I give big props to the teachers. It is always fun to watch the boy’s class, so different from the girl’s class. The boys are all 4/5 years. These boys have so much energy and watching them all run around and tumble is a treat. Joey on the balance beam

Joey with the torch

Joey with the group receiving their medals

After Little Leaper’s yesterday we went for kids haircuts and ran some father’s day errands. Then it was time to let the kids unwind and relax before getting ready and going to Joey’s school concert. The concert is all the kids singing various songs with different hand movements. Joey knew that his concert was last night and we would talk throughout the day about singing loudly, smiling, and I even told him if he was nervous up there to picture all of us parent’s and family members sitting there in our underwear. That got a laugh out of him. For those of you that do not know my son he is very picky about his clothes. Last year I let him wear a new Lebron James jersey and matching shorts. I know not very dressy, but it was brand new and the Cavs were in the playoffs and playing that night. So I was hoping that the parent’s would all enjoy his outfit and as most of the men watching their kids at the concert were thinking about the upcoming big game I thought it would be fun for them to see a little boy showing his love for the Cavs and Lebron too. Well this year the Cavs are obviously not in the playoffs so I had picked out a pair of plaid shorts from Gymboree with a matching shirt. No big deal right? Well Joey was not happy when we left the house. He wanted me to go home so he could change his clothes. Normally he likes Umbros, mesh basketball shorts, Indians t-shirts, Boston Red Sox t-shirt etc. You get the picture just not as dressy as mom wanted. I explained to him that I do a lot for him and that I was just asking him to do this for me. As soon as we got home he could change his clothes. Well he then began crying and whining. This was not a god sign. So I did the ultimate bad mommy thing and told him that he would not have a birthday party with his school friends if he did not stop his whining and crying and carrying on. I was out of options. I hate threatening my kids with things. I think that I made a bad choice there, but I didn’t know what else to do. My grown up logic and trying to convince him was not working. So we got to the school he stopped crying after my threat and I dropped him off in his room with all the other kids. The concert started and Joey did not sing one note. He did not do one hand gesture, clap his hands or anything. I went up with the camera to the front row and was making eye contact with him, making funny faces, and mouthing sing. He would just look at me and smile, make a funny face, or shake his head no. This was all over his clothes! You would have thought that I made him go in a shirt and tie with the way he was acting. Maybe next year he can go in his picked out clothes after all. I apologized to his teacher and told her it was my entire fault because of his clothes. She was like he is one of my better singers I was wondering what was going on with him. Enjoy the pictures they do capture Joey and his stubbornness. By the way Joey and Gabrielle got into an argument the other day. Gabby with her long fingernails attacked Joey’s face. That is why he has those scratches.

Joey is the boy in the front row looking at the camera and smirking/smiling. (above photo)

Below I don't know if he is looking at the girls shoes next to him or trying to catch a nap?

I would love to know what he is thinking or pondering here. Maybe look at those fools in the audience. He is suppose to be clapping and singing. I love the boy in the Pooh and Tigger shirt with his hands in his mouth. He looks as excited as Joey being up there.

Joey and his buddies. Left to right Blake (Joey's cousin/ my nephew), Meghan, Joey. Meghan hangs out with these two and there is one boy missing from this group. These 4 kids are together all day long and are the best of buds. Whenever I ask Joey who he plays with at school the answer is always the same "Blake, Meghan, and Jack". (Jack not pictured)


angie said...

Busy, busy. Your children are gorgeous.

Tracy said...

love the pics - LOVE the stories - how funny! Kids definitely spice up life, eh

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

Little Leapers sounds so fun and your daughter is so cute with her medal!! I can imagine what a gymnastics/tumbling class is like with 13 boys in it. Oh my!! But it sounds great. I should get Luke involved. He's got TONS of energy! LIttle boys do keep you busy!

Laura said...

This time of year is always so busy! I enjoyed seeing all your pictures and reading your commentary.

Will Piper said...

I can't wait to see Hope and/or Gracie a few years down the road at this stage of their life. What a joy this must be!

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