Monday, March 2, 2009

Our trip to Sanibel Island, Florida

We are back from a wonderful trip to Sanibel! Joey, Gabrielle, and I spent nine days with my dad in Sanibel before Jeff joined us. Before Jeff joined us here is a list of some things we did:
*Swam in the pool
*Taught Joey how to swim without floaties! This was a big deal and after he got up the confidence he was so proud of himself and now LOVES to swim
*Walked the beach
*Made sand castles
*The kids were burying me feet in the sand one day as I watched 2 dolphins feed in the ocean
*Went to Ding Darling
*Ate at some wonderful places! We loved Grandma Dots and Island Pizza
*Shopped on Periwinkle

When Jeff joined us we spent time one day on Captiva and took a dolphin cruise. We also got alone time one night and went to see the movie “he’s just not that in to you”. On Wednesday I will be showing pictures from Disney! I am so excited for Wordful Wednesday this week. The best parts of our trip have to be spending time Papa, seeing Joey swim, and getting away from Ohio and the cold temperatures. Tomorrow it will be a high of 16 degrees F and I just can’t wait! (ß Kidding!) Now some photos from our trip…

Attempt at a family picture
My handsome little boy

Beautiful girl in her bathing suit

Mommy, Joey, & Gab... I got a little too much sun one day. Ended up getting sun poisoning on my chest.

Joey & Gab at Ding Darling

Joey swimming with Papa with no flotation assistance



Tootie said...

Looks like your family had a great time. I hope your cold weather won't last much longer there. It's tough going back to that after such a nice warm vacation.

OHN said...

The photo of the kids at Ding Darling needs to be framed, or used as a mass send out to family. It is adorable :)

As for our weather here in Ohio...sigh.

Steph said...

Fun fun! I'm jealous at your vacation in the sun!

And I have read the other posts on this page, and just wanted to say how my heart aches for you. You are so strong and a beautiful woman and that husband of yours is a keeper!
I'm so glad Mamarazzi set us up as partners for the swap, it's so good to meet you and get to know you.

angie said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip and what great photos. I saw that movie two days after the twins shot the Bounty commercial and one of the girls in the movie (non speaking role) played the mom in the commercial. Funny.,

Jocasta said...

Yay Joey!

What a lovely vacation - am very jealous.

We have just booked a trip to Samoa! Yipee!

Tracy said...

wonderful - great pics - the weather looks amazing.

Laura said...

That looks amazing! How fun! My twins have the same swimsuit, which will be shared in my upcoming vacation photos :)

Jaime said...

Sounds like an amazing vacation!:)

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