Thursday, August 21, 2008

What would you change???

So I have been thinking lately about some aspects of my body and things that I would change if I could. Some of these things I do have control over, like my weight and the extra 10-15 pounds I am carrying around on me from pregnancies, but some of these things I am unable to change, because well that is just the way I was made. So I have a list of the things that I wish I could change. The number one thing on the list is what I wish I could change most.

5. My weight. I would love to be back into the size I was the day that I got married. I would love to not feel so self conscious about my waist and the extra skin that hangs there and most of all not hear my kids say “mommy your belly is big.” This definitely needs to be worked on. Maybe when the kids are both at school I can get back to the gym.

4. My nose. I feel like when viewed as a side profile my nose is rather large. Once I was walking up stairs during late night hours and I got a glimpse of some sort of shadow that actually scared me. Then I realized it was my nose of all things.

3. I was born with very stubby fingers. I do not have long slender fingers by any means. This proved to be difficult when picking out engagement rings.

2. Hair!!! Not only do I have very thick hair so thick in fact that it is not uncommon for me to be at the hair dresser for three hours for high lights and cuts, but I also have hair in not so feminine places that drives me crazy. Take for example the hair on my upper lip that I have to have waxed off or the hair on my chin. Speaking of my chin right under my chin is a mole and out of this mole grows a thick single hair! I pluck this little sucker at least once every week to week and a half. I have often wondered what will happen when I am old. Will my kids know to come pluck this hair for me? Sometimes I think that I should let it grow and see how long I can get it. If I do that I may be able to use it to wash grime out of pans as opposed to using a bristle pad.

And the number one thing I wish I could change

1. My feet!!! Remember my stubby fingers, well my feel need to come in a category called WIDE LOAD BELOW. This is very hard for a girl that LOVES shoes!!!! Talk about impossible when finding shoes to go with the perfect outfit. Even if you don’t have wide feet sometime when you are out ask if they have that shoe in a wide. Or where the wide shoes are. The limited shoes they show you that do come in wide I promise will be butt ugly. Seriously though this is hard. As I said before I LOVE shoes!!!

So go ahead tell me what you wish you could change about yourself. Oh by the way, you are all welcome in that I did not show you pictures of these not so flattering things about myself.


Mrs. Greer said...

LOL I am so with you on the feet thing. I have little feet (hubby calls them hooves) but they are so dadgum wide, finding comfortable or even CUTE shoes NEVER happens!! Feet implants please?!?!

MamaGeek said...

I'd like to change that 10-15 pounds I don't need either! :)

Ah hell, add in the feet too.

angie said...

I have some seriously wide feet too. I don't exactly have stubby fingers, but they certainly are not long and slender, either. YOu DO NOT have a big nose. Most people would kill for thick hair.....have you ever had it really texturized at the ends to get rid of the bulk? I have a hair that grows out of my chin, too. And it's thick like a whisker. So annoying, not to mention I'd die if anyone saw it. January was my resolution to do the things about the things I don't like......and I have. It feels great. I also decided that plasic surgery is not the answer for fixing the things I don't like. So I'm trying to embrace them. :)

Jocasta said...

Well my list! Weight - I'm working on this now have another 20 pounds to go.

My skin colour - pale and pasty with freckles! Not much you can do about that!

Flabby tummy - to be expected really. Unlike Angie I would change it with plastic surgery!

Oh and wild hair! It should be given it's own postcode!

Laura said...

I am so sorry I have been absent lately.

Okay first off YOU DO NOT HAVE A BIG NOSE!

I would get rid of the last 10-15 pounds too! My stomach would be flat.

I would have perfect teeth (I am getting braces soon).

OH my there are many more!

Oh and I have thick hair and my hair dresser thins it out with texturing (like Angie mentioned). I highly recommend it. My style hold better and takes half the time!

Courtney said...

Thanks for the comment. Let me know what you think of the book. :)

Kim said...

I would definitly change my hair. I can't just wash, dry and go. I must straigten it or I look like a giant frizz ball. I usually just pull it back. Oh and thanks to my dad I have a freakin uni-brow that if I don't keep up on it I start looking like Bert!!!

Jeff Zapp said...

You're still the most beautiful woman around!

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

Your nose isn't big. My fingers aren't long and slender either, but my feet are nice. I've always liked my feet for some reason. I also have hairs (that's plural!) growing out of my chin and I wax my upper lip. There isn't much I'd change about myself. I used to have a droopy eye lid that never bothered me until I turned 31. Then it started drooping more and made my contact move around in my eye. Plus it made me look like I was high all the time. And don't even mention photos. Ugh. So I had an eye job and had the droopiness fixed. While I was out I had the doctor take out some fat in my lower lids, too. Now my eyes look great; no droopiness and they MATCH! Well, my one eye is still a little smaller than the other, but it isn't as noticeable now. I wouldn't mind getting rid of the "speed bump" where my c-section scar is. I also wish I looked great in short hair because I'd love to cut all mine off. I look really masculine in short hair, so its out of the question. I'd also like to one day wake up and no longer have hair on my legs. I'll take my son's eye lashes, too. They're really long and gorgeous! Have I written enough yet?? lol!

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