Friday, August 29, 2008

It has taken me a few weeks to get a chance to reply to these questions. I know that you have all been waiting on pins and needles for the answers. So here are my responses.
Mamageek asked “Do you think you will be blogging 5 years from now”? She also asked “what actor makes you swoon”? Before I post the answers let me say something about Mamageek. Go to her site!! Yes, that is an order. She has the most amazing pictures that she takes with her camera! Every time I go to her site I am speechless, in awe, and ask how does she do that? You will NOT be disappointed. I only wish she would (A) teach me her tricks, (B) come to Ohio and do a photo shoot of my family, and (C) sell her work because I think she could make some serious cash.

The first answer is Yes, I think and I hope to be blogging in 5 years from now. I like blogging for a variety of reasons. I like “talking” to others and “hearing” about others lives with children. When I read that others have hard days with their children it makes me feel not so alone in this big world. I also like to know that things my kids are doing are typical and age appropriate behavior. Another reason that I enjoy blogging is because it is an easy way to stay connected with friends and family. My mother-in-law lives in Florida, so I like knowing that she can jump on her computer and see updated photos of her grandkids. My parents travel a lot so it is easy for them to stay connected as well. ** Although both my parents and mil need to start leaving comments** {HINT. HINT} The last reason I like blogging is for my kids. This is a great journal of their lives growing up.

This picture says it all...

Jamie over at “The Heiner Clan” is the mom to four. Bless her is all I can say. She is one busy mommy. She has adorable twin daughters and two handsome little boys. She asked the following questions “So you’ll be working as an RN, I assume”. “How long did you do that before”? “Do you like it”? “What is the best money you’ve ever spent”?

Yes, you assumed right. I would be going back into nursing. I worked in Seattle for about 5 months on a Trauma/ Surgery floor before we moved back to Ohio. I then worked in Ohio in the MICU/SICU for over a year before having complications with Joey’s pregnancy which led to bed rest and then becoming a stay at home mom full time. When you put the amount of “experience” together that I have as a RN it is not much. I always wanted to be a mom and I achieved that. The next most important thing to me was that I was home with my kids. I did not want to miss anything and we are fortunate enough that I was able to stay home for the past 5+ years.
Yes, I do like nursing. I have had days over the past five years where I have missed it. I also though am very nervous and anxious at the thought of going back. In nursing school I was either in class, at clinical, or home studying nursing. I feel like I have forgotten everything I have learned. I also have lost a lot of skill. Let’s face it I have not started an IV or done a blood draw in over 5+ years. That frightens me. I also DO NOT take the responsibility of my patient’s life for granted. I am in charge of keeping them safe and helping them recover. The last thing I would want is to cause harm to another. I wish there was a refresher course. Or it may be like getting on a bike after not riding one for 10 years and just knowing how to peddle the bike and keep it from falling over. We will see.

As for the best money we have ever spent. This has been a tough question for me. I think I would have to say our home, but at the moment we are paying the bank monthly and do not own the house yet. I LOVE our home even though Jeff and I have about 5 things we would change about it. For me it is the home that I conceived four children, we brought two of those children here to raise, this is Jeff and my first house, and it holds all of our memories minus Seattle and Kent from the past 8 years we have been together. We were also the first people to ever be in this home and make this new empty house a HOME that has character, love, blessings, and family.

Look for more answers to these great questions in the coming days.


angie said...

I love MamaGeeks photos too. Totally amazing. The answers to these questions were so fun to read!

Jaime said...

Thanks for answering. It's fun to read about you. I'll have to check out MamaGeek.

Mrs. Greer said...

Love reading about you and the more I do the more I get attatched! =)

Tracy said...

I agree - so fun to read more about you.
good stuff - MamaGeek is an amazing phographer

MamaGeek said...

Laurie, thanks for the love, you made my day and I mean it.

Did I ever tell you we moved here from Columbus, OH so if I was still there, I would totally take your family shot!

And Ben? Ohhhhh Ben. Ben. Ben. Ben. LOVED your answers.

Mrs. Greer said...

Thank you so much for thinking about us. It really means a lot. You are such a kind and wonderful person! Glad to be getting to know you through the blogosphere.

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