Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Month of March and where I have been

It has been a month since I have blogged anything! I can’t believe how fast time flies by. Here is an update on what has been going on around our neck of the woods.
March was a hard month for me! The first weekend of March I woke up to get ready for a bridal shower. I had enough time to get in the shower and ready before my mom would be picking me up to go with her to the shower. My daily routine when I wake up is to go downstairs and get something to drink to take with me into the bathroom as I get ready. And if you really know me then you know that it is a Diet Coke that I am going after. I am not a coffee drinker and that is my wake up drink. So as I am walking down the steps I am noticing that I just don’t feel right. My ankles hurt my feet hurt my body is aching and it is painful to walk. I got my drink then went back upstairs. Again the steps were painful. I then tried taking off my wedding ring before getting into the shower and was unable to make the ring budge. I then got back into my bed. Jeff came up and I explained that I just did not feel good and that my muscles and joints were all very painful. I called my mom and ended up canceling on the shower. I then went back to bed. I slept until around 8 pm. When I got back up I walked down to see what my family was up to and try to spend time with them. It was then that we discovered that my arms, wrists, and feet were all swollen and that I had developed a rash on my arms. So we started going through our minds about a possible allergy. Had we used anything different in the home, had I eaten anything different in the past 24-36 hours? Again the answer was no. So I then took my temp and I was running a fever. To the point that I got down on the kitchen floor and felt better on the cool tiles. Jeff was then worried as I was. We called and made arrangements for the kids and he took me into the ER.

Once we arrived to the ER. I had blood tests drawn as well as and IV. I also had a spinal tap performed on my back. I was given pain meds that were helpful. It seemed strange to us all. At the ER we also spotted that the rash was now all over my butt, legs, and trunk. Long story short we went home with the diagnosis of this is a virus. I then worried about the kids and if they could get it and the answer was no.

I was just downloading photos and forgot that the kids brought me all their stuffed animals when I was in bed and then Gabby took some photos. So these photos are by a 3 year old that I did not know was taking pictures at the time. Jeff is trying to get my wedding band off in one pic.

The swelling on my arms and fingers was very uncomfortable and at times very painful. Never have I experienced something like this before. This was on a Saturday and the swelling was finally down and manageable o the point that on Wednesday I finally got my wedding band off, and was able to see bones in my hands again as well as put my other hands fingers around the opposite wrist.

So I start to feel better and am at the point of being so sick of lying in bed and resting. I was up in Gabby’s room one day a few days later and was on the phone and making her bed when I bent over the wrong way I guess and when I stood back up I noticed and felt something strange in my back.

This was my next ailment. This was so painful and I began worrying about disks in my back and if I did something to a disk. I then was back at the doctor’s office and was told that the muscles in my back were spasming. So I was given pain meds and muscle relaxers. I felt better a few days later with the muscle relaxers. I am to the point now that if I sit for a period of time my back will really hurt. It is still hurting but not to the degree that it was. It was a 10 and now I am about a 4. So I am still having problems.

After a week and a half of the back issue and pain and medications I was again so over being in bed and lying low. I then got into a big spring cleaning mode and have been cleaning out drawers, closets, and cupboards. We have been putting a ton of stuff away for a garage sale and also Jeff has been out of town the past few weeks. So now the month of March is over and I am ready for April and to hopefully be over the health issues.

… And back to blogging on a regular basis.


Brittany said...

I hope you get to feeling better too!!! Love the pics, the kids are so sweet!!! =)

Laura said...

I hope you are feeling better. What a horrible virus.

Jaime said...

Wow, that is scary! I hope you are feeling better and that you all stay healthy!:)

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