Thursday, September 11, 2008


My thoughts and prayers are with all those that lost loved ones 7 years ago today.
9-11-01 changed many people and their lives. Mine included.
My heart goes out to all of those who will be reliving this anniversary of a loved ones death.
Days like today are never easy.
I will never forget this day and how brave so many American men and women were on this day 7 years ago.
Thank you to all of our troops for our freedom.
God bless all of you.


Good N Crazy said...

Hubby is on the computer right now writing his 'post' about his personal 9/11 story...I think it will be very long...installments??

Makes my tiny bit happy to be in a tiny town far from anyone's radar.

Jaime said...

What a sweet tribute to so many wonderful people.

Kelly said...

I read your story on the mono twins site. I am sorry for you loss. Just wanted you to know your story touched me.

angie said...

Thanks for this tribute, Laurie!

Genny said...

This is a beautiful tribute, Laurie.

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